Decoration assignment for Sdr. Rind church completed in April 2017. The task consisted of a new color scheme of the church's fixtures, new painting to the alter and a stained-glass window in the tower room. At the reopening of the church a book was published about the church's history, it´s renovation and decoration.
Det menneskeskabte objekt (The manmade object) is my newly released book discussing the concept of art. Far too often we discuss if art is good or bad, but seldom the basic idea of art itself. Released on BoD 2015.
CWE E is released in conjunction with the exhibition of the same name on Augustiana 2015. The book has a contribution of Karina Lykke Grand, assistant professor at Aarhus University, who is an expert in the golden age of painting in Denmark. It also contains documentation of all works exhibited.
Soren Kierkegaard »At a grave« was first published in 1845 as part of the »Three talks on Imagined Occasions«. (»Tre Taler ved tænkte Leiligheder«) Graphic works by Peter Ejlerskov. Postscript compiled by Claus Juel. Published by Siesta
Traitor´s Gospel by Claus Juel is released on maj 29th in Odense Art Complex Filosoffen. Front cover design and all sketches inside the book are made by Peter Ejlerskov.

Traitor´s Gospel special unica cover made in three versions, signed.
Introspect. Exhibition catalogue 68 pages. Published by Momentum and Kulturkom for Frederikshavn Art Museum DK 2012. Credits to Nordjyske Bank for kind support making this catalogue possible.

ESSE Art book, 80 pages, with poems by Claus juel and paintings by Peter Ejlerskov. Published by Gallery Provence, DK 2007.
143 Mtr./ Exhibition catalogue 100 pages. Published by Forlaget Siesta, DK for Dronninglund Kunstcenter 2011
Skitser, Exhibition catalogue 68 pages. Published by Forlaget Siesta, DK for Gallery Emmaus 2010.
SPOR exhibition catalogue 100 pages. Published by Forlaget Siesta for OHM Art Museum 2009.
Moment exhibition catalogue 110 pages. Published by Frederikshavn Art Museum, DK 2006
Vand. Salt. Ø. Project catalogue describing new building by architects Friis & Molkte and commision project by Peter ejlerskov. Published by Momentum for Gallery Insula, DK 2008
New works, 36 pages. Published by Gallery Provence, DK 2008.
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