Parafrase (Paraphrase)

Parafrase is part of the exhibition by the same name, paraphrasing on our shared christian legacy (religious and non religious alike) and its symbols.

By Grethe Olsen, Manager, Gallery Emmaus

(Summary of the original text in danish)
The combination of art and christianity is an old cultural heritage and european artists have been occupied by biblical mythology for centuries. Great artists have created great artwork with such an impact that it has become a shared heritage to all who is influenced by art. Even today artist are influenced and to a certain degree intimidated by the great masters. Because how do you obtain the same degree of quality without the motive ends in a timetrap and becomes a mere copy?

To do that you have to obtain the same perspective as the great masters and let method and interpretation reflect the present. Peter Ejlerskov has understood that to the full.

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