between Artistic Manager at Dronninglund Art Center Jette Abildgaard and artist Peter Ejlerskov

(Summary of the original text in danish)
Jette Abildgaard: Apparently the things you describe in your work are inspired by small and unimportant things you see in the landscape. Nevertheless you cling to them, as the yellow poles, and you add significance to them in your painting, which they do not possess in themselves.

Peter Ejlerskov: When I see something interesting it clings to me, at even though it has no significance in itself it is part of Gods creation all the same. It possess value in itself just like everything else, but it demands that you take it in, and, so to speak, see every single tree and not just the whole forest. That is my experience and that is what I try to pass on in my work.

PE: …it is clear to me, that even the smallest objects can have an aesthetic side and contain substance you mostly do not subscribe them. The sketches are my comment on the variation of external beauty and intensity surrounding us. Kant stated, that beauty in nature is an expression of the presence of God, but Hegel put more value in art as an expression of God, because it was created by human spirit. Maybe both were right at the same time, because nature itself has to be interpreted by human mind to be acknowledged. ANYWAY, I use painting and sketches to redo my actual experiences, seen or felt, into an abstract language. In a way the unimportant layers are removed so I can better comprehend my impressions. The abstract is for me a symbolic language telling me something else, and more, about the world and the phenomenons.

JA: I hope many people will use the exhibition as an eye opener in the broadest sense. Your works are in many ways a journey from one starting point to another and contains hints to things that many will recognize from their own experiences.
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